Qualitative service for your filter

To ensure the optimum performance of your filtration and separation system, FLUIDTECH guarantees its customers a quality service with fast and competent support.

Partnering with renowned OEM’s, we provide you with expert knowledge and original spare parts that are precisely matched to your filter in terms of function and reliability.

We give you advice and are a valuable partner in optimizing your filter.

Please feel free to contact us.


Support of the system during go-live

On delivery, we issue full order-specific documentation, which will support you during installation and commissioning, as well as in the operation of your filter system.

We provide ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Commissioning with our Experts!

Partnering with OEMs, our service engineers have approved and completed the Training programs for Commissioning the units as per standards.

On request, we also offer joint commissioning of the filter at your site. Our FLUIDTECH service engineers ensure the smooth start-up of the system and optimum system performance through correctly adjusted processes.

Commissioning by FLUIDTECH lays the foundation for a long service life of your units, which can be further extended by regular maintenance.


Maintenance support for our principal products

Partnering with prime principals, our dedicated engineers and technicians are trained to perform the service activities on-site. 

We provide online and offline support throughout the lifecycle of your maintenance project.

Boll & Kirch Automatic Fuel Oil Filter
Electrical & Control Panel Maintenance
Sepflutech De-Oiler Unit
Tecnicomar Sewage Treatment Palnt

Spare parts installation by professionals

During a service, our service technicians will install the spare parts ordered for the job only if required. In the case of spare parts orders without connection to service, a refund of excess ordered parts is not possible.


However, our service technicians will only install the necessary spare parts and will take back any parts ordered in excess without complaint.

Service partners

Authorized Service Team

Our Fluidtech service team can reach anywhere in the Middle East region, be it a production plant, a wastewater treatment plant, or an operating container ship.

We can regularly carry out inspections and work to maintain your filtration and separation system on a case-case basis. We also record the technical condition of a system in a detailed report and advise on any measures that may be necessary to prevent a malfunction due to wear.